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Addiss is a very unique name
in the United States !

Family Tree Updated as of February 24, 2008

There are only about 90 families in the entire United States with the Surname Addiss.  The unique spelling of our name with 2 s' provides a distinguishing characteristic which separates the family from the Surname Addis, and makes it a little easier to locate individuals of past generations.

For years while growing up we always wondered what the origin of our family name was.  Some said Irish, some said French, others claimed English.   No one seemed to know for sure.

So Where Did We Come From?

Shamrock.gif (15680 bytes) Through several years of research into the Family Tree, we have been able to show that all of the Addiss families are in fact related.  All of the living individuals named Addiss in the United States can be traced back to Daniel S. Addiss and Huldah Bronson in Royal Oak, Michigan through 2 of their children (William Henry Addiss and Nathaniel Stephen Addiss). The 1850 Oakland County, MI Census Records show Daniel Addiss was born in Ireland approximately 1813. He would have immigrated to the U.S. around 1820.

This web site has been created to share some of our family history, as well as to provide enough information for visitors to establish a connection with the family during their genealogy research.  If you think there might be a connection with our family please contact us at info@addiss.com , we would love to hear from you.

As we continue to build this website, we will endeavor to post as much information and research as possible about the early origins of the family, and hopefully will uncover additional facts from visitors who have connections with the family name.

- Dan Addiss