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Family Tree
February 24, 2008

The following names appear on our Family Tree as descendents of Daniel S. Addiss and Huldah Bronson (Spouses & Partners are included in this list.  Ladies are listed under their maiden name unless we do not know their maiden name).

If you find a connection with your family, please e-mail us for verification, and we will arrange access to the entire family tree for further research.

If you know the account and password you may View the Complete Family Tree Now

Addison, Mary Carol
Addiss, ?Mrs Leslie
Addiss, Alyssa Marie
Addiss, Amelia Jane
Addiss, Angela Karen
Addiss, Anna
Addiss, Ashby Hannah
Addiss, Belinda Jane
Addiss, Beth Lorraine
Addiss, Betty Delores
Addiss, Betty Ruth
Addiss, Beverly?
Addiss, Bonnie?
Addiss, Brandon Lee
Addiss, Carol June
Addiss, Carol Sue
Addiss, Chapman
Addiss, Charles Darwin
Addiss, Christine Caroline
Addiss, Christopher Burke
Addiss, Collin Sebastien
Addiss, Crystal Patricia
Addiss, Daniel Aac
Addiss, Daniel E.
Addiss, Daniel Elmer
Addiss, Daniel Peter
Addiss, Daniel Robert
Addiss, Daniel S.
Addiss, Darcy
Addiss, David Anthony
Addiss, David Gerard
Addiss, David Karl
Addiss, David Richard
Addiss, David Walter
Addiss, Deborah Ruth
Addiss, Delores Catherine
Addiss, Donald Wesley
Addiss, Doris Katherine
Addiss, Douglas H.
Addiss, Duke E.
Addiss, Edith May
Addiss, Edna Perl
Addiss, Edward Francis I
Addiss, Edward Francis II
Addiss, Edward Francis III
Addiss, Edwin Adam
Addiss, Elaine Carol
Addiss, Elaine Ruth
Addiss, Eleanor Marie
Addiss, Elizabeth Ann
Addiss, Esther Vera
Addiss, Ethel
Addiss, Ethel ?MrsOrinJr
Addiss, Frances Jane
Addiss, Frederick A.
Addiss, Fredrick Robert
Addiss, Garrett Emby
Addiss, Garrett F.
Addiss, Gary David
Addiss, George Henry
Addiss, Gertrude
Addiss, Gertrude
Addiss, Gertrude Marie ?Mrs William Nathaniel
Addiss, Gregory Jon
Addiss, Grover Cleveland
Addiss, Haley Nicole
Addiss, Hampton Burke
Addiss, Hannah Ann
Addiss, Helen Lee
Addiss, Huldah
Addiss, Huldah
Addiss, Huldah A.
Addiss, Imogene O.
Addiss, James L.
Addiss, James Michael
Addiss, James Morton
Addiss, Janet Helen
Addiss, Jeffrey Maxwell
Addiss, Jenna Elizabeth
Addiss, Jennifer Marie
Addiss, Jeremie Michael
Addiss, Jessica Suzan
Addiss, Joan Clara
Addiss, Joanne Joyce
Addiss, John
Addiss, Jon Charles
Addiss, Jon William
Addiss, Jonathan Paul
Addiss, Joyce ?MrsDuke
Addiss, Julia Doris
Addiss, Justus Joseph
Addiss, Justus Joseph III
Addiss, Justus Joseph III
Addiss, Justus Joseph IV
Addiss, Justus Joseph IV
Addiss, Justus Joseph, Jr.
Addiss, Katherine Lillian
Addiss, Kathleen Clerc
Addiss, Kimberly Ann
Addiss, Kirsten Marie
Addiss, Kristen Santa
Addiss, Kristina Marie
Addiss, Kyle Robert
Addiss, Laura Ann
Addiss, Laura Jean
Addiss, Leonard Grover
Addiss, Leslie W.
Addiss, Lillian M.
Addiss, Lillian May
Addiss, Lisa Maria
Addiss, Lorenzo Chapman
Addiss, Lowell Russell
Addiss, Lucy A.
Addiss, Maria Nicole
Addiss, Marie Eleanor
Addiss, Marion
Addiss, Mary A.
Addiss, Mary Elizabeth ?Mrs Stephen
Addiss, Matthew S.
Addiss, Michael Douglas
Addiss, Mildred
Addiss, Myrtle May
Addiss, Naomi S.
Addiss, Nathaniel Asa
Addiss, Nathaniel Asa, Jr.
Addiss, Nathaniel Stephen
Addiss, Nathaniel Stephen
Addiss, Neal Arthur
Addiss, Neil Traver
Addiss, Nelson
Addiss, Nelson Lawrence
Addiss, Nicole Marie
Addiss, Norman F.
Addiss, Onalee E.
Addiss, Orin Le Roy, Jr.
Addiss, Orin Le Roy, Sr.
Addiss, Pat ?MrsFrederick
Addiss, Patricia Elaine
Addiss, Patricia Lou
Addiss, Penelope
Addiss, Phillip Edward
Addiss, Randall
Addiss, Reagan Danielle
Addiss, Rhonda
Addiss, Richard
Addiss, Richard Arthur
Addiss, Richard Edwin
Addiss, Richard Lee
Addiss, Richard Lee II
Addiss, Richard Robert
Addiss, Richard Robert, Jr.
Addiss, Riley Patrick
Addiss, Robbie Nathaniel
Addiss, Robert E.
Addiss, Robert Lawrence
Addiss, Robert R.
Addiss, Robert Wesley
Addiss, Rosemary Abigail
Addiss, Ruth Margaret
Addiss, Sarah Anne
Addiss, Shamica
Addiss, Shella B. ?MrsLeslie
Addiss, Shirley Leulla
Addiss, Stacey
Addiss, Stephanie Sarah
Addiss, Stephen Christopher
Addiss, Stephen L.
Addiss, Sunshine M. "Cindy"
Addiss, Susan Francis
Addiss, Susan Silliman
Addiss, Suzan
Addiss, Todd R.
Addiss, Victoria Patrice
Addiss, Viola ?Mrs Neil Traver
Addiss, Viola A.
Addiss, Virginia Agnes ?Mrs William Nathaniel
Addiss, Wallace Allen
Addiss, Walter
Addiss, Walter Donald
Addiss, Wendy Luise
Addiss, William A.
Addiss, William Edward I
Addiss, William Edward II
Addiss, William Edward III
Addiss, William Grover
Addiss, William H.
Addiss, William Henry
Addiss, William Nathaniel
Addiss, William Richard
Addiss, William Russell
Addiss, Yosa C.
Albano, Jesse Michael
Albano, Luce Michael
Andrews, Ellen
Andrews, Robert James
Anker, Belle Zella
Atrashewski, Jenna Lee
Atrashewski, Joseph III
Atrashewski, Joseph, Jr
Atrashewski, Linda Lee
Atrashewski, Nicole Marie
Autterson, Chris
Autterson, Judy
Autterson, Kathie
Autterson, Lawrence J.
Bamford, Violet S.
Barker, ?Mr
Barker, ?Son1
Barker, ?Son2
Barnett, Christopher
Bartleman, Linda Marie
Bartleman, Vincent Ethan Maurice
Battinelli, Amanda
Battinelli, Christina L.
Battinelli, S. Louis
Battinelli, Thomas A.
Beekman, ?Daughter1
Beekman, ?Daughter2
Beekman, ?MrsHoward
Beekman, ?Son1
Beekman, Ernest
Beekman, Howard
Bennet, ?Mr
Bodner, Cynthia
Bolander, Doris J.
Bovee, Carol Elizabeth
Bower, Brandy Lee
Bower, Gregory Kim
Bower, James Maynard Eugene
Bower, Jane Marie
Bower, Robert James
Bower, Zachary Robert
Brandenburg, Eric Damon
Brandenburg, Harold George
Brandenburg, Melissia Annd
Brandenburg, Michael Robert
Brandenburg, Wayne Allen
Brandon, Buffy Renee
Brandon, William Randy
Broderick, Margaret
Bronson, Huldah
Brunner, Theresa
Buchanan, Abigail
Buchanan, Daniel James
Buchanan, Devin James
Buchanan, Jacob Edward
Buchanan, Jared Ryan
Cairns, ?Mr
Cardis, Ruth Ann
Cassel, Gerald Alan III
Cassel, Gerald Alan, Jr.
Cassel, Gerald Alan, Sr.
Charles, Dionne LeAndre
Charles, Eunice Rose Francis
Charles, Nicole Monica Charlene
Charles, Pete Murray Addiss
Charles, Teresa RoseAnne
Church, Willard
Clark, Frances Jane
Cochran, Holly Worth
Collins, Connie
Collins, Joe
Collins, Jules
Corey, Charles S.
Corl, Craig Anthony
Corl, Dana Naomi
Corl, Ryan Addiss
Craig, Jenifer Lynn
Craig, Larry Nelson
Craiger, Adele
Cremins, Anna
Cremins, John Daniel
Cremins, Mary Lou
Damgard, Martin
Davenport, Linda
Dellar, Neil Alan
Dellar, Tristan James
Delos Lander
DeMarco, Chris
DeMarco, Christian R.
DeMarco, Nicholas L.
Dennis, Anna Marie Bradley
Douglass, Carrie Agnes
Echevarria, Ayres V.
Echevarria, Chloe Simone
Echevarria, Fiona Dominique
Edmonds, Beverly A.
Elliott, Harold
Emley, Dana Elizabeth
Emley, Daniel William
Emley, Shelby Marie
Emley, Warren John III
Emley, Warren John, Jr.
Enz, Harold W.
Erickson, Dorothy May
Ertola, John J.
Ewers, Carrie
Ewers, Cassie
Ewers, Charles
Ewers, Devin
Ewers, Justice Cheevee
Ewers, Lafton
Ewers, William
Farranola, Joseph
Farranola, Lorraine
Farrell, Maureen
Filson, Daniel Patrick
Filson, Edward Avery
Filson, Lisa Marie
Filson, Patricia Elizabeth
Filson, Stephanie Danielle
Filson, Stephen Daniel
Filson, Susan Danby
Filson, Tracey Ann
Fink, Annie M.
Fiser, Lillian M.
Fitzgerald, Megan Lee
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzgerald, Ryan James
Flicker, Joan Patricia
Foote, LeAnne Shelton
Fornaro, Philip
Freitag, Eric Daniel
Freitag, Peter Todd
Freitag, Steven Wayne
Freitag, Todd Wayne
Gary, Alicia Paige
Gary, Roger F.
Gary, Ryan Addiss
Geisler, Norman Albert
Ghent, Holly Ann
Gilbert, Owen
Gilroy, Jodi Michelle
Gonzales, Angel
Gonzales, Jesse
Greenvald, Arline
Griffin, Catherine
Griffin, Frances
Griffin, George
Griffin, George A.
Griffin, Marion A.
Gruss, Adam Lawrence
Gruss, Amanda Erin
Gruss, Kaitlin Edna
Gruss, Lawrence Michael
Gunderson, Jennie Amanda
Haddix, Anne Cozine
Hagen, Carol
Hagerty, Donna
Halliday, Annette Elise
Hamilton, Joanne
Harley, Mary Rose Curtiss
Harrison, Terry
Haw, John
Hawk, Chay Matthew Hunter
Hawk, Jessica Lynn
Hawk, Julie Ann Siegert
Hawk, Melissa Dee
Hawk, Paul Steven
Hawk, Robert Sherman
Hayes, Chase Alexander
Hayes, Hunter Jamison
Hayes, James Edward, Jr.
Hayes, James Edward, Sr.
Hayes, Jason Brett
Hayes, Justin Sloan
Hayes, Mackenzie Lynn
Hayes, Mikayla Logan
Hayes, Vaughn Mary

Heaney, Faith Mary
Hemingway, Brendan F.
Hemingway, Susan Silliman
Henn, Lauren Anne
Henn, Meghan Lee
Henn, Scott Douglas
Henry, ?Mr
Henry, Christine Marie
Henry, Christopher James
Henry, Jack Gregory
Henry, James Michael
Henry, Jennifer Ann
Henry, Karen Lee
Hoeft, Kathryn Marie
Hollywood, Douglas E.
Hollywood, James
Hollywood, James F.
Hollywood, Marilyn ?Mrs Douglas
Hollywood, Maureen F.
Hollywood, Theresa N. ?Mrs James F.
Horikawa, Joy Michiyo
Howie, Mandy
Howie, Michelle
Howie, Scott
Hudson, Justin Allen
Hudson, Mark Allen
Hunt, Gary
Hunt, Ryan Michael
Jacob, Dorothea
Johnson, Adam Nathan
Johnson, Alison Lee
Johnson, Ellen M.
Johnson, Erik R.
Johnson, Herbert
Johnson, Karan Betsy
Johnson, Kristen L.
Johnson, Ronald Lee
Jones, Bradley Clayton
Jones, Lenore Michelle
Jones, Tracy
Kann, Christine Elizabeth
Kann, Erwin Gordon
Kann, Pamela Alexandra
Kellems, Elizabeth Jewel
Kellems, Jessica Renee
Kellems, Larry
Kellems, Timothy Andrew
Kiesel, Elizabeth
Kiesel, Fred
Kiesel, Jane
Kordelski, Courtney Lynn
Kordelski, Daniel John
Kordelski, Floyd
Kordelski, Lucy ?Mrs Mark
Kordelski, Mark Joseph
Kordelski, Nathan
Kordelski, Nicholas
Kordelski, Roanne ?Mrs Daniel
Korhel, Audrey I.
Korhel, Paul
Korhel, Pauline
Kosakowski, Matthew
Kosakowski, Matthew Joseph
Kosakowski, Melissa Rose
Kosakowski, Michael Brandon
Kosakowski, Sarah Michelle
Kosakowski, Steven Andrew
Koutz, Christopher Wallace
Koutz, George Wallace "Wally"
Koutz, Heidi Dell
Koutz, Kurt Wallace
Koutz, Taliaha Y. ?Mrs Kurt Wallace
Kratfel, Jennifer Lynn
Kraus, Marna Luise Hedwig
Kress, Marie D.
Kriedel, Martha
Kuntz, Edith
Kuntz, Frances M.
Kuntz, Howard
Kuntz, Howard
Kuntz, Howard
Kuntz, Loretta ?Mrs Howard
Kuntz, Rita
Lander, Ashley
Lander, Lindsey
Larimer, Carol Jean
Larsen, Dorothy
Lash, Amy Kristen
Lash, Asa N.
Lash, Betsy Ann
Lash, Chester Orin
Lash, Daniel Norman
Lash, David Alan
Lash, Donna M.
Lash, Ethel
Lash, Frank
Lash, James Michael
Lash, Janette Shirley
Lash, Jean Pierce
Lash, Jeffrey William
Lash, John Patrick
Lash, Joyce Ilene
Lash, Karen Ann
Lash, Karen Jean
Lash, Marilyn
Lash, Mary Anne
Lash, Matthew Steven
Lash, Nelson Orville
Lash, Perrin Henry
Lash, Robert Henry
Lash, Teresa Jean
Lash, William Henry
Leitzell, Anna Michelle
Leitzell, Carolyn Arlette
Leitzell, Paul M.
Lemus, Ruby A.
Leppanen, Angela
Leppanen, Jim
Liles, Marcus
Liles, Marcus B.
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Litterio, Anna Marie
Long, Jeanine Louise
Long, John Elbert
Long, Mary ?Mrs Ralph Haynes
Long, Michael
Long, Perry Nelson
Long, Ralph Haynes
Luse, Russell E.
Luse, Zachary
MacDougal, Helen
Madden, Eileen N.
Magee, Mary Jane
Martel, Eileen May
Martin, Crystal
Mateska, Robert
McCabe, Barbara
McCance, Blanche
McCarty, June K.
McCauley, Doctor Shelton
McEldowney, Brian W.
McEldowney, Michael C.
Melzer, Regina Lori
Mian, ?Mr
Mian, Lucinda Marie
Mitchell, Diana
Moag, ?Daughter
Moag, ?Mr.
Morris, Taneesha Jasmine Monique
Morrison, Rachael
Moss, Margaret Ruth
Mowry, Madison Nicole
Mowry, Marc Crossman
Mowry, Marc Robert
Mulder, Amber
Mulder, Paul
Mulder, Son1
Muller, Carolyn
Mullin, Jeanne
Munnafo, Joseph
Murphy, Lester Allen
Musgrave, Dallas D.
Myers, Glenn Larimour
Myers, Jane A.
Nelson, Ida Mae
Neumann, Janet
O'Byrne, Kathleen
O'Hare, Michael
Oruthe, Kelly
Osman, Corinne Patricia
Owen, Gail Lynn
Pasdan, Karen
Perez, Daniel
Perez, Joseph Daniel
Perri, Kaylee Marie
Perri, Nick
Perry, Barbara Jo Harrison
Perry, Dorothy
Perry, Robert
Perry, Robert
Peterson, Kristen Ann
Pierce, Barbara Ellen
Platt, Evelyn Helen
Pope, Arthur
Pope, Arthur
Pope, Kevin
Pope, Leslie
Pope, Patricia
Pope, Randolph
Pope, Richard
Potter, Amy
Potter, Jason
Potter, Mike
Potter, Scott
Price, Mary Gail
Prince, Bernard
Puglisi, Frances Jane III
Puglisi, Joseph
Puglisi, Kenneth
Puglisi, Kim
Puglisi, Linda
Read, David
Read, Samantha
Read, Sophia
Read, Spencer
Reidell, Regina Wilhelmina
Ricks, Elizabeth De Vall
Ridenour, Anna
Roeper, Eldred Carl
Roeper, Gail S.
Roeper, Wendie
Roeper, Wilbur
Romano, Frank
Rosson, Jane Ann
Rush, Theresa Jane
Russell, Leonard
S, ?Mr
Santanello, Francis M.
Sapp, Michelle Elaine
Sapp, Paul B.
Scalzo, Maria Theresa
Scarillo, Cathy Ann
Scarillo, John
Scarillo, Sandra Lynn
Scheele, Augusta Frances
Schendorf, Minnie
Schmidt, Joseph J.
Schmitt, Calvin
Schnaars, Doris
Schnaars, Harry
Schnaars, Luise
Schnaars, Ruth
Schnaars, Susan
Schutz, Helena Agnes
Schwolert, ?Mr
Schwolert, Lois
Schwolert, Matt
Schwolert, Phil
Schwolert, Steve
Schwolert, Tom
Seale, Iris Helena
Selig, Barbara
Semmens, Carol
Semmens, Joseph Michael
Semmens, Linda
Semmens, Roy Lee
Semmens, William Thomas
Sherrer, Julie Ann
Shirvis, Nancy
Shoberg, Lynn C.
Shook, David
Siegert, John
Silcox, Crystal Lynn
Small, Candice
Smith, Dilley
Smith, Helen
Smith, Lisa
Spaulding, Stephanie Denise
Stants, Wendel Lloyd, Jr.
Stinson, Birdie M.
Stone, Mary Louise
Storlie, Dennis S.
Sullivan, Gertrude
Sullivan, Raymond
Sullivan, Raymond, Jr.
Tants, Susan
Thompson, Lucy
Timmerman, Anne
Todd, Alexander
Todd, Anne
Todd, Dilly
Todd, Huldah
Tordo, Denise J.
Torkildsen, Gladys Marie
Tracy, Susan Silliman
Turner, Linda Marie Glassbrook
Urbanik, Brent
Urbanik, Kristen
Urbanik, Theodore
Urbanik, Theodore J.
Vase, Susanna M.
Vaughn, Mary Alicia
Venson, Steven Wayne
Viether, Anna
Wagner, Helen Francis Lippe
Walker, Brad Steven
Walker, Nicole Marie
Warneke, Elizabeth
Waterhouse, Charlotte Louise
Watson, Cathy ?Mrs Wayne
Watson, Jennifer Ellen
Watson, Jordan
Watson, Katherine Elizabeth
Watson, Kenneth
Watson, Kenneth Lee
Watson, Michael Sean
Watson, Theresa M.
Watson, Trevor Robert
Watson, Wayne Thomas
Watson, Wayne Thomas
Weir, Janet Betsy
Williams, Randall
Winter, Hazel
Wohlschlegel, Amanda
Wohlschlegel, Andrew
Wohlschlegel, Donald Wayne
Wood, Flora Leulla
Wood, Lula M.
Workman, Alexandra Noel
Workman, Edward Franklin
Workman, Garrett Scott
Workman, Mark Joseph
Workman, Mitchell Edward
Workman, Taylor Samuel
Workman, Theodore Edward
Workman, Theodore Edward III
Workman, Theodore Edward, Jr.
Workman, Wendy Anne
Workman, Zachary Joseph
Worrall, ?Child
Worrall, Child1
Worrall, Child1
Worrall, Child2
Worrall, Child2
Worrall, Child3
Worrall, Child3
Worrall, Child4
Worrall, Child4
Worrall, Dilley
Worrall, Donald E.
Worrall, Eileen
Worrall, Garrett
Worrall, Garrett (Jack)
Worrall, Garrett Embry
Worrall, Helen P. ?Mrs Donald
Worrall, James
Worrall, John
Worrall, Joseph W.
Worrall, Joseph William
Worrall, Mary Anne
Worrall, Patricia Mary
Wright, Mildred Larsen
Yungblut, Donald
Zielinski, Abby Kathryn
Zielinski, Adam Edward
Zielinski, Adam S.
Zielinski, Alexander Stuart
Zielinski, Andrea Claire
Zielinski, Brianna Rae
Zielinski, Connor James
Zielinski, Frederick
Zielinski, Gail Francis
Zielinski, Glenn Andrew
Zielinski, James Mark
Zielinski, Jeffrey E.
Zielinski, John Matthew
Zielinski, Kaitlin Shayne
Zielinski, Karen Theresa
Zielinski, Liane Chelsea
Zielinski, Matthew John
Zielinski, Olivia Francis
Zielinski, Robert Francis
Zielinski, Sarah Elisabeth
Zielinski, Steven Howard
Zima, John
Zima, Marilyn