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Family Tree

Family Tree has been updated February 24, 2008

The family tree that we have collected for all of the descendents of Daniel S. Addiss and Huldah Bronson contains more than 680 individuals covering 8 generations of Addiss family members dating back to the early 1800's. When printed as a descendent chart, it stretches over 30 feet long!! Needless to say, I don't print it out very much since it requires so much effort to tape all of the pages together.

Here's an Alphabetical list of the names which appear in our tree

Due to privacy issues for living relatives, the entire family tree including birth & death dates & places, is secured in a password-only access section of our web site.  Access will only be granted to known descendents of the Addiss family. If you believe that you may be related, please e-mail us, and if we can verify a connection, you will be provided access to the information for your research.

If you know the account and password you may View the Complete Family Tree Now

Historic Information on early descendents will be available to the public on this page shortly.