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Photos of Richard & Gladys Addiss
and their Family

Girl Meets Boy ... Well not for a couple years yet!

Gladys Marie Torkildsen
Gladys Marie Torkildsen  - 1926 - 
Photo courtesy of Gladys Addiss

Richard Edwin Addiss
Richard Edwin Addiss  - 1930 - 
Photo courtesy of Richard Addiss

Gladys Marie Torkildsen with Florence & Bob!
Gladys, Florence, Robert
Gladys Marie Torkildsen with sister Florence Edith
and brother Robert Allan - 1931 - Photo courtesy of Gladys Addiss

Look Out!
She's Got An Axe!
Gladys wields an axe!
Gladys Torkildsen chopping wood
for a cookout with some of
her girlfriends - 1942
Photo courtesy of Gladys Addiss

Dick & his Mom,
Richard & his Mom Elizabeth
Dick Addiss & his Mom, 
Elizabeth - 1948
Photo courtesy of Dick Addiss

I Do, I Do, I Do
Their Wedding Picture
Standing: Robert Torkildsen, Florence Torkildsen (Brother & Sister of the Bride), Gladys Marie Torkildsen, Richard Edwin Addiss, Joe Cacioppo, Ed Hartough (Friends of the Groom). Seated: Mary Ellen Torkildsen (married to Robert),
Betty Ruth Addiss (Sister of the Groom) - Sept 1950
Photo courtesy of Gladys & Richard Addiss

It's Movie Time! Break out the Popcorn!
It's Movie Time for Dick & Gladys
No, No .... Push This Button ..... No, I Got It, Turn This Knob
Dick & Gladys Addiss break out the Family Movies - 1955

The Addiss Children
The Addiss Family
Ya gotta love those haircuts & bowties!
Back Row: Laura, Bill
Front Row: Bob, Dan & Dave - 1966
Yes, that cute little guy in the middle is your webmaster ... Dan

The Addiss Children - About 30 Years Later
The Whole Crew!!
Here's we are again about 30 years later - Dave, Bob, Bill, Laura & Dan -
Photo by Dick Addiss - circa 1994

Everybody Say Cheeeeeeeese!!
The Whole Crew!!
Here's the whole crew a few years ago: Back Row: Richard, Gladys, Bob,
Dan, Dave, Erwin, Laura & Bill.  Front Row: Susan, Elizabeth, Christine,

Jennifer, David, Kathleen, Pam, Kristen, Victoria & Corinne - circa 1994

Gladys & Dick Addiss' Grandchildren
The Addiss Grandchildren
Here's the grandchildren a few years ago: 
Back Row: Christine, Elizabeth, Susan, David
Front Row: Kathleen, Jennifer, Victoria, Kristen, Pamela
Photo by Dick Addiss - circa Christmas 1994

Everybody Look At The Birdie!!
Richard, Dan, Gladys & Dave Addiss
(L to R) Richard, Dan, Gladys & Dave Addiss
Photo by Bill Addiss - June 13, 1999

Ready For A Little Birthday Cake?
Gladys and her granddaughter Victoria
(L to R) Gladys Addiss & her granddaughter Victoria Addiss
Happy Birthday Victoria - Photo by Dan Addiss - June 13, 1999

If you would like to submit photos of your family for your own page, please contact info@addiss.com.