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About This Site


This site was created and is maintained by Dan Addiss, your webmaster, in the hopes of creating a repository of information about the Addiss Family Heritage. Through years of on-again, off-again research into the origins of our family, we have spent countless hours tracking down as much detailed information as possible in an effort to provide documented proof of where our family originated.

With the U.S. origin of the family dating back to Daniel S. Addiss, I felt a certain connection that spurred me to create this web site for future Addiss researchers as a starting point so they may continue our work.

As time permits I will add as much detailed information and documentation on the Addiss Pioneers who have come and gone before us.

Through a generous gift of web space by ReadyConnect.Net we have been able to bring this site to you and will endeavor to maintain a current presence for future generations.

As we quickly approach our third century in the United States, I believe that it is important to assist the generations which follow us in understanding our long heritage as proud Americans, so that they may have the benefits of understanding where they came from, and where we are going.

Your comments, suggestions, photos and contributions are always welcome.  This is not intended to be MY web site, it is OUR web site.  If you have any documents, photos, research, missing information, or anything else PLEASE let us know.